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Choosing your own independent support worker is a great way to make sure you receive the support that’s just right for you. But it can also be a daunting task, especially with so much choice out there. How do you know if someone will provide you with good quality care? What questions should you ask in your first meeting? What qualities should you consider when you are deciding between different candidates?

Here are 10 qualities to look for when choosing a carer, health professional or support worker for yourself or a loved one.

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One of the great things about NDIS and home care funding is that it gives Australians plenty of choice over who delivers their care. This can happen in two ways. There are plenty of good reasons why people choose the first option and hire a provider to manage their package for them – for example, they may not want the stress of self-scheduling multiple supports, reviewing their own care plan and adjusting their budget when needed.

But there are also many reasons why hiring and managing your own independent support workers may be right for you.

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