How do I search for a job as a support worker?

Once you are approved as an independent support worker on our network, you can search our constantly updating database for jobs in your area.

Searching is easy:simply log into your account and select the ‘Jobs’ option in the menu. You can then search for jobs posted by clients in your area by entering in your postcode or suburb.

If you are interested in a job you can apply for it online, but only if your profile matches the requirements of that job. For example, say a client posts a job for the postcode 2145, requires someone on Mondays, and lists the services needed as ‘Meal Preparation’ and ‘Light Housework’. You can only apply for that job if your profile states that you are able to work at the postcode 2145, work on Mondays, and provide ‘Meal Preparation’ and ‘Light Housework’.

It’s a good idea to create a profile that fully represents your work availability and skills, as this will ensure you can apply for the full amount of jobs you are interested in. Instead of choosing one suburb, for example, choose a couple of surrounding suburbs so that you maximise your job possibilities as much as possible.

Need more help? Feel free to get in touch. You can also read our help page on how to set up your own profile as an independent support worker.