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Why do you want to be an independent support worker with Support Network?

Have you ever worked as a support worker, case manager, nurse or allied health professional before?

Are you bringing a client/s with you to Support Network?

If your client hires you through our platform, you may be able to be paid more and receive more hours of work.

How many hours would you like to work each week?

Please enter your details below so we can register you on the Support Network database.

Important Notice: While we verify certain key information (police checks, key qualifications, references) during the on-boarding of each Support Worker, Support Worker's represent other information about themselves to customers via their profiles that we do not independently verify. In exercising your choice of Support Worker(s) and hiring them directly, we recommend that you check their credentials and original documents when you first meet them, and provide ongoing supervision. We recommend that Support Workers take a file of their key documents with them to their first meeting.